Sarah Coates

Sarah Coates


Meet Sarah Coates, one of our newest Women’s Groups leaders.  Although she is new to NS Women, Sarah has been around NorthStar Church for the last 16 years and finally made it her HOME in 2011. She has been married for almost 5 years to Tyler and they have a beautifully blended family including Trevor, Faith and Gabe.   

How are you currently serving in NS Women?

I have the honor of leading an amazing small group each week. I’ve been a “Leader”for 3 months, and love every minute of it. It all started with joining a Women’s Small Group last fall and then obeying God as he opened the door into leadership very quickly.


What is your favorite part of serving in the ministry? 

My purpose for leading is to constantly encourage moms, wives, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends, women of all ages in their relationship with our Heavenly Father. The most amazing aspect is getting a “Behind the Scenes” look into how God reveals himself to others in our group.  Also, allowing God to use struggles and victories from my own life in order to help other women.

What are some of your hobbies or work you do outside of NS Women? 

I’m blessed and proud to be a Stay-at-Home Mommy. Right now I’m also in the process of obtaining my “Group Fitness Certification” for the purpose of ministering to women through exercise.

Tell us some of your Favorites:

Food:  Anything with Avocado or a yummy Cheeseburger (yep, definitely not a vegetarian).

Favorite Song/Book: Worship song: Good, Good Father; Workout song: The River by Jordan Feliz

Of course,“Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey is an all-time favorite.

Favorite Way to Spend a Day: With my hubby. Whether we are hiking up Kennesaw Mountain with our kids, painting our bedroom, hanging out at Turner Field for a Braves’ game, grilling out with family, or playing Disc Golf at Oregon Park . . . being together is what we prefer.

One thing you always have in your purse:

I say Lip Gloss . . . my husband says “Anti-Bacterial Wipes”

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