What’s NOT to love about Easter? Spring is finally in the air. We gain some sweet time to spend with family and friends. The aroma of Easter dinner is so powerful, we can almost taste it! And let’s not forget the thrilled smiles of children racing to find hidden eggs is sure to excite anyone!

But we don’t want to lose sight of the fact that Easter impacts our lives for much more than a day or a week and its impact on our lives is much more profound than making pleasant memories. As parents, we have the opportunity this Easter season to capture the attention and hearts of our child. We have an incredible opportunity to discuss with them the amazing burden Jesus took on when He went to the cross.

NorthStar Kidz wants you and your family to experience God as a family this Easter season!

We have created an easy 5-day family devotional that includes interactive activities and deep discussion time with your family. These devotionals can be split up, you can do them each day by day, OR you can even pick and choose which ones you’d like to do and skip the ones you don’t. Definitely don’t miss Day 5 with an incredible family fun activity that will be sure to get your kitchen smelling fabulous (that’s my personal favorite).

These devotionals are meant to help stimulate discussion and capture the senses of families with children preschool through 5th grade. Click the link below to access the 5-Day Easter Family Devotional, making it easy for you to access it at home or on the go.

Experience God together as a family this Easter season! We can’t wait to hear which day was your families’ favorite!