Groups Changed Everything for One Family

My wife and I came to know Christ Easter of 2008. We literally dove into everything we could do at NorthStar thereafter: becoming members, being baptized in the lake, attending men’s and women’s groups and volunteering for everything we could. Fall of the same year we filled out a card to join a married couples group and shortly thereafter received a note from Steve Roach. There were a lot of young people wanting to be in a group but not enough leaders. I prayed what I called a ‘dangerous prayer’ telling God if He needed me I was in. Being a young believer, I didn’t know a lot about the Bible or Christian doctrines and was honestly in a period of my life where I hadn’t been very social and was terrified of leading a group of people. But I talked to my wife Carly, prayed, and sent Steve a note saying that I was new to Christianity, but would be willing to make up for it with hard work if he couldn’t find anyone else. He wrote back immediately and said ‘you’re in’!

God’s providence was all over us from the very beginning. He placed very educated and strong Christians in our group whom I learned from and quickly discovered I could differ to, especially those further in their walk with the Lord. Carly quickly pointed out I was less a leader and more a facilitator. We regularly had other couples take the reins and lead the group, many of which went on to become group leaders of other groups (11 in total as of this writing).

I cannot describe the blessing this ministry has brought to us. In our 8 years of leading couples groups and 3 years of leading men’s groups we’ve gone from social isolates to a richly developed community of believers that not only stretches Kennesaw/Acworth, but all over the country. I’ve found that studies have affected my walk with the Lord somewhat, but it’s been rubbing elbows with Christian men and woman that has really been the tool God’s used to change who I am. The day my first son was born our entire couples group surprised us the very next day by showing up. Carly had a woman in tears tell her they were considering leaving Atlanta to go back home until they joined the group and chose to stay because of the people they met and now consider NorthStar home.

Through prayer, we’ve seen couples either headed for divorce (or in one case filed) completely reconciled, addictions vanish, and we witnessed a couple whose prenatal baby was diagnosed with down syndrome welcome a completely healthy baby. In these and so many experiences in between, I find myself unable to put into words our experience other than having a supernatural bent that must have come from God. In short, it’s been amazing! I feel somewhat reluctant to share all of our story because it at times feels like bragging, but in the end it’s all God’s doing and He deserves the glory. All we did was take the step of faith, and prayed that dangerous prayer. He did the rest.