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NorthStar Kidz Ministry equips families to find their way home
by imparting God’s truth to this generation.

Proverbs Challenge

Our weekly Proverbs Challenge engages both kids and their parents in daily time with God, while further enhancing the lesson they learned in the Kidz Zone on Sunday morning. To make this a fun experience, kids accrue points for each activity they complete throughout the week, giving them a chance to win prizes!

Download our weekly Proverbs Challenge below for easy access where you can print at home and on-the-go. Please ensure you are downloading the correct challenge for your child’s grade as we have two different options.


Happy Easter! It’s time to celebrate that Jesus is alive! He went away, but He came back! Yay, Jesus!

Remember, this Easter could be the very first time EVER for some of the preschoolers at your church to hear the true story of Easter. And for others, this could be their first time ever even going to church. We have the awesome opportunity to tell them for the first time about how Jesus washed His disciples’ feet; made His triumphal entry; died and rose again; built His Church; and gave us the Great Commission.

We get to tell them the true story of how much God loves them and how He gave them His only Son. We get to tell them that Jesus is alive, and He wants to be their friend forever. We have one of the best jobs in the world! We get to share with preschoolers that Jesus is the best! What an honor and a privilege.


For six weeks, kids kindergarten through 2nd grades will be “Building Easter” in our new Easter LEGO series, where we add a new LEGO color on each week to create a beautiful LEGO masterpiece that our Savior created, just for us.

Week 1- We will be introducing the GREEN LEGO, to represent the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus found comfort in praying to God when He was troubled.

Week 2- We discover the BLACK LEGO, representing the betrayal of Peter and how we can use this story to learn about courage from God when we are scared.

Week 3- We introduce the RED LEGO, that represents the blood that Jesus shed to cover over and erase our sin problem.

Week 4- We discover the WHITE LEGO, representing purity and how when Jesus died, it erased our sin, making us white as snow. We will be teaching kids how to give their hearts to Jesus.

Week 5- We continue celebrating with the YELLOW LEGO, which represents the light Jesus wants us to share to others.

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