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Working to free women and children from the sex trade in Miraj by teaching trades and skills.

Next Trip: February 22 – March 4, 2017

On this trip, we see the ravages of the injustice of the caste system.  We will visit women from the Red Light District Center and offer classes in the Training Center that has just begun.  Quilting, sewing, tailoring, jewelry making and hair-cutting will be taught. Teaching the Word of God is always the center of each activity.

One of our greatest joys is working with the precious children saved from the sex trade. Both the girls’ and boys’ homes are a delight.  We also work with the local hospital where some use their skills in surgery and teaching.

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Sponsoring a Child in India

Many of the children at the Home of Hope Orphanage come from very
poor families and are considered “Dalits” – a derogatory label given to the “untouchable” caste of people who are subjected to discrimination, oppression and exclusion. They have been through unimaginable pain
and suffering.

In the Home of Hope they are a given a safe place to live, learn and praise
the Lord.  Your sponsorship helps provide shelter, food, clothes and school materials for these children.


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The Mercy Project ATL
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Woodstock, GA 30189


Partnering with NorthStar Haiti in Croix Des Bouquet to feed the poor and provide medical care.

Next Trips: June 24 – 29, 2017 (Medical Trip) | September 23 – 30, 2017 (Skills Training)

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere.  Most people speak Creole and 80% are illiterate.  A big part of our work there is to provide education, food and medical care to the children who live in tents and the poorest areas.

We have several trips planned to NorthStar Haiti, which is led by Steve and Esther Saintus.  Our work will be done in Croix Des Bouquets which is located just outside Port Au Prince.  We will stay at the Saintus’ guest house and live family style with wonderful, homemade meals. We always make security, health and safety a top priority.

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Sponsoring a Child in Haiti

When you sponsor our children in Haiti, it will go to the children who attend church and school at NorthStar.  They will receive a quality education, two meals a day, school books, uniforms and school supplies.

They will also hear the gospel in their bible classes.  When they are sick, they will receive medicine as well as a daily vitamin.  These are children whose families live off $1.00-$2.00 a day.  Without this school or church, these children have no hope.


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Hosanna Helping Hand
3330 Cobb Pkwy., Ste. 324-223
Acworth, GA 30101


Partnering with One Way Ministries to help a local school in Sajcavilla, Guatemala.

Next Trip: July 14-21, 2018

Who: 678 and HSM students
Where: Sajcavilla, Guatemala
What: We will be working with a local school and visiting homes.
When: July 14-21
Why: Jesus tells us to go and make disciples in Jerusalem (personally), Judea and Samaria(community), and the ends of the earth(world). This is a great next step for students to learn how to do that, and for them to see God’s heart for the world.

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$100 deposit required to hold your spot, and is due when application is submitted. Email applications to [email protected], or email her if you have any questions.

Sponsoring a Child in Guatemala

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People for Missions
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