Everyone has a next step.

What’s yours?

Whether you are new to church

or even to Christianity.


If you are exploring your faith, or if you are returning to church for the first time in years, we want you to know that Jesus loves you and wants a close personal relationship with you! If you have questions about who Jesus is, or how you can know him personally as your Lord and Savior, we want to help you. Here’s a simple guide to help you better understand who Jesus is and why we all need him.


Baptism is each Christian’s public announcement of their experience of coming to faith in Jesus Christ. More specifically, baptism is a picture of what happened in your life at the time of your conversion – you died to our old way of life apart from God and you came alive as a new person in Christ through the Holy Spirit’s presence in you (see 2 Corinthians 5:17). Baptism is also a symbol of your identification with Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. From the New Testament, it is clear than baptism is an important step for every believer.


Take an hour-long behind-the-scenes tour of NorthStar Church, where you’ll meet Senior Pastor Mike Linch and several staff and key volunteers along the way. This is a great opportunity to see what happens on a typical Sunday morning, and to ask questions about NorthStar and its ministries.


At NorthStar Church, we want you to get into the game and make an impact with your life! In our Membership Class, we will help you do just that!

In this class, we will share with you what drives our church and you’ll learn the five investments every member is asked to make here at NorthStar. Is becoming a member your next step in your walk with Christ? Join us for our next class!


Digging Deeper is our daily devotional that coincides with the Sunday message. We invite you to sign up for Digging Deeper, and we’ll email it to your inbox each day! We all need encouragement and to use scripture to help us navigate life. Digging Deeper is designed to do just that!

No matter your age or stage of life,

we all need others in our lives.


There are so many great ways for preschool and elementary children to grow in their walk with Jesus. Whether it’s through attending our We Believe! salvation class, participating in our Proverbs Challenge, coming to our Adventure Night events, completing at-home activities with parents, or worshipping in The Hub or the Inside-Out Playhouse, kids are offered many opportunities to connect with God and engage with friends and family.


Students who call NorthStar home are learning how to apply God’s word into everything they do. These students are learning how to make a difference for Christ and then doing it! Our desire at NorthStar is to build relationships with students that will empower and encourage them to make the best possible choices for their lives so they can in turn invest in the lives of their friends and family.


With Kennesaw State University in our backyard, and several other universities within a 20-minute drive, we have made college students at priority at NorthStar! Statistics show that most kids who are actively involved in church in high school wind up not attending at all during college. Our WAVE College group is designed to engage students and provide them a network to keep them encouraged during these vital years in their lives.


NorthStar will begin to feel more like home when you engage with others in a Group outside of our weekly services. NorthStar Groups are designed to help people just like you get connected, grow in your faith and find others to serve with. There are groups for married couples, men, women, singles, new believers and more. From this page you can complete a simple form, and we’ll help you find the group that fits you best.


We all have times in our lives when we need some encouragement or wisdom from a trusted friend, pastor, or professional counselor. Whether it’s just someone to listen, a referral to a licensed counseling practice for professional help, or getting sound biblical advice from a trained financial coach, we want to provide resources to help guide you back to God’s best path for your life. Please click the button below to fill out the form and a member of our pastoral staff will reach out to you.

Loving others is serving others.

Ready to jump in?


Most people make the decision to volunteer at church for a couple reasons. First, they want to belong to something greater than themselves. They want to make friends and connect with others on another level – outside of their normal sphere of influence. The second – and perhaps more compelling reason – they get involved is because they want to make a difference. I bet you’re no different. Here at NorthStar, we offer a variety of ways for you to serve and make an impact in the lives of others. If you want to find out more about how you can play a role in “helping people find their way home” each Sunday, please click the button below.


We serve a generous God who want us to be generous too! When you give, you’ll help people find their way home to Jesus through the ministry of NorthStar Church. Whether it’s through tithes and offerings, donating stock, or supporting our BOLD initiative to pay off our debt on the property and buildings that comprise the NorthStar campus, you play a huge role in reaching others. To find out more about how you can give, and what you can give, please click the button below.


When NorthStar began in January 1997, we had a mission – not to just be another church in the community – but to be a church who serves our community! Our true passion is helping people find their way Home, and we believe that the best way to do that is to serve them and love them, while expecting nothing in return. Serving the community is in the very fiber of the DNA of NorthStar Church, and we pray you join us in helping reach the tens of thousands of people in our area who need the hope that Jesus offers.


Part of helping people find their way home involves going beyond our local community. In fact, we have built three international partnerships to reach people globally with the love of Jesus Christ. In Haiti, we take a medical and dental trip each year, and also put on Vacation Bible School and a Sports Camp through our partnership with NorthStar Haiti. In India, we take teams to help teach skills to women in the Red Light District so they can escape the sex trade. And, in Guatemala we work with an orphanage, and help with light construction and helping to feed the poor. We’d love to tell you more about how you can be a part of our Global Missions teams at NorthStar!

Ready to help pave the way for others?


Over the last few years, what started as a calling for one man at NorthStar has grown into a thriving ministry involving dozens of others who make up our Financial Coaching team. These coaches meet one-on-one (or one per couple) to help “coach” people with making wise choices with their money. This ministry is offered for free, and could not happen without the countless hours of training that these coaches put in to be at their best! If God has laid this ministry on your heart, we’d love to talk to you about it!


First and foremost, NorthStar’s passion is to serve our community. Whether it’s a simple act of kindness, serving teachers breakfast before school begins, helping as buddies for special needs children at Horizon Field, delivering food to firefighters, or working concession stands for Friday night high school football games, our aim is to serve our way into others’ lives! If you have the energy – and time – to lead in this ministry, please contact our Community Pastor, Mike Lindeman.


Our Missions Director, Marsha James, is an incredible woman who has captured the hearts of so many with her passion for reaching “the least of these” throughout the world. But, she cannot do it alone! Whether it’s leading prayer meetings, training sessions, or the mission trips themselves, NorthStar relies on the gifts and talents of others to execute it vision for Global Missions. If you’re interested in serving in a leadership role, please contact our Global Director, Marsha James.


Our staff at NorthStar truly exists to serve the true Ministers within the church – and that is you! With more than 2300 people attending each Sunday, we could not possibly be effective in reaching them and helping them grow without our key leaders. It might be within our Production team for worship, or Guest Services hosts, or Hall Directors for NorthStar Kidz – but, wherever we have people on Sunday mornings, we need leaders to help to set the stage for the experience. If you are interested in stepping up and serving in a leadership role, please view our staff contact page and reach out to the appropriate staff director.


Each semester, more than 900 adults participate in small groups that meet throughout our community. Our network consists of 60+ groups that include couples groups, men’s groups, women’s groups, CoEd groups, adult singles groups, new believer groups, financial groups, DivorceCare groups, and more! But, these groups could not be possible without the leaders who pour into others selflessly, giving generously their time and their hearts! If you have a passion to guide others in their Christian walk through small groups, we’d love to speak with you! For more information, please contact our Connections Pastor, Mike Lindeman.



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