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Staff Directory

Executive Leadership

  • Mike Linch
    Mike Linch Senior Pastor

  • Daniel Hoover
    Daniel Hoover Executive Pastor

  • Jamie Maddox
    Jamie Maddox Administrative Pastor

Next Generation

  • Chris Boggess
    Chris Boggess Next Generation & Middle School Pastor

  • Casey Linch
    Casey Linch High School Pastor

  • Kristy Webb
    Kristy Webb Children's Director

  • Sellers Hickman
    Sellers Hickman College Pastor

  • Courtney Miller
    Courtney Miller Preschool & Special Needs Director

  • Terri Reichert
    Terri Reichert Next Gen Admin. Assistant

  • Su DeSpain
    Su DeSpain Elementary Director

  • Haley Russell
    Haley Russell Children's Ministry Coordinator

  • Catherine Gartrell
    Catherine Gartrell Student Ministry Associate

  • Ben Crawford
    Ben Crawford Student Worship Intern

Connections, Community & Missions

  • Mike Lindeman
    Mike Lindeman Connections Pastor

  • CA Phillips
    CA Phillips Communications Pastor & Director of Men's Groups

  • Steve Roach
    Steve Roach Spiritual Growth Pastor

  • Marsha James
    Marsha James Global Missions

  • Danielle Lindeman
    Danielle Lindeman Guest Services Director

  • Bridget Turner
    Bridget Turner Women's Director

  • Amy Nicholson
    Amy Nicholson Connections Coordinator

  • Erin McAnnally
    Erin McAnnally Community Ministry Coordinator

Creative & Worship

  • Stephanie Ford
    Stephanie Ford Creative Director

  • CA Phillips
    CA Phillips Communications Pastor & Director of Men's Groups

  • Jeremy Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson Art Director

  • Will Compton
    Will Compton Tech Director

  • Mallory Neal
    Mallory Neal Video Producer

  • Seth Hardy
    Seth Hardy Worship Ministry Associate

  • Josh Webb
    Josh Webb Online Campus Pastor

Admin & Facilities

  • Chris Gardner
    Chris Gardner IT Director

  • Ludell Bishop
    Ludell Bishop Assistant to Mike Linch

  • Niki Faith
    Niki Faith Financial Assistant

  • Diane Ilderton
    Diane Ilderton Front Desk Receptionist

  • Steve Salyers
    Steve Salyers Facilities Director

  • Jimmy Nixon
    Jimmy Nixon Facilities

  • Kathy Murphy
    Kathy Murphy Pastoral Care & Volunteer Coordinator

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