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Tuesday Nights

Tuesday Night College Gathering

Every Tuesday night at 8pm we meet in the True North Auditorium for our weekly college worship service, Wave.

Each week we encounter God by praising Him through song, studying His Word, and applying it to our lives. Our goal is to connect you with other students who are in similar walks of life so that you can live in a Gospel community. Whether you grew up in church or not, whether you believe in God or not, whether you sinned that day or not, you are welcome at WAVE and we would love to help you in your walk with Christ.

Community Groups

We believe that college students grow best in community.

Community Groups meet every week of the semester to study God’s word, talk about life, and hang out. The goal of Community Groups is to give you a group of friends who offer Bible growth, encouragement, fellowship, and accountability. We believe that students grow most when they live life together and challenge one another to grow as disciples of Christ.

Mentor Groups

Take the Next Step Together

Mentor Groups is the next step. These are smaller groups of 3-5 people, who meet with somebody older (the leader must be post-college age) to talk through life. These groups can cover a multitude of topics of normal life (reading the Bible, discussing a book, relationship advice, how to get a job, how to budget money, etc.).

The goal of Mentor Groups is to give students a relationship with somebody else who has experienced more life and can give sound Biblical advice. This also fulfills the Bible’s mandate to be an intergenerational church.

Serve with Wave

We believe that God has called you to serve the local body. We want to counter the mindset of consumerism by serving where God has gifted you.

We would love to see you serve in other areas of NorthStar Church. If you love kids, serve with our Children’s Ministry! Are the middle school and high school years of your life a large part of your story? Serve with our Student Ministry! Do you play an instrument, have a great voice, or know something about photography, videography, or sound? Serve on our Creative Team! There are so many areas where you can plug in at NorthStar Church!

Serve on Sundays

WAVE Events

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