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21 Days of Prayer – Day 11

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Day 11 – Pray for your personal needs

“Give us this day our daily bread” – Matthew 6:11 (ESV) (Part 1)

In Exodus 16, the children of Israel depended on God daily to provide manna from heaven to eat in the desert where no food could be grown. God gave them manna to sustain them physically. In Jesus’ prayer, bread not only represents food, but it also represents all the physical needs necessary to sustain life. Jesus wants us to trust our Heavenly Father to provide what we need. When we pray and depend on God daily for provision, we will be less inclined to worry about how we will survive and make it in our world. This prayer is not meant to negate our responsibility to earn a living and make good use of our hands with the skills that God has given us. This prayer is our acknowledgement that God is our sustainer and provider and without Him we would have nothing.

What do you need today? Make a list below. Ask God for those things and depend on Him to meet your needs, trusting that He knows what you truly need.

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