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21 Days of Prayer – Day 4

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Day 4 – Pray to my Father

“Our Father in heaven” – Matthew 6:9a (ESV)

Understanding the nature of the God we are praying to affects how we pray and what we pray. Jesus thought it was so important that He told us to begin our prayers by addressing God as “our Father in heaven.” When we pray, we are not communicating with a distant, apathetic, or callous spiritual entity. Jesus wants us to see our Heavenly Father in the same way that a child sees his or her loving earthly father. For those who have absent or abusive fathers, seeing God in this way can be a struggle. The good news is that God is the perfect Father who is always present and only seeks to do us good. Not only is God personal, He’s also powerful. He is “in heaven” sovereignly and majestically ruling over the universe.

Begin your prayer time today by addressing God as “My Father in heaven.” Then, as you pray, keep in mind that your Heavenly Father listens with an attentive ear and loving heart. As you bring big requests before Him, express your belief that nothing in your life is too difficult or impossible for Him to handle.

Sundays: 9:30 & 11:00AM