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Digging Deeper – October 10, 2018

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“but One who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin.”

Hebrews 4:15 ESV



Once there was a tourist who was taking a tour of biblical sites, when he came to a beach on the Sea of Galilee, he saw a boat and a sign advertising, “FREE BOAT RIDE TO THE EXACT PLACE WHERE JESUS AND PETER WALKED ON WATER!!!” He boarded the boat and enjoyed the ride to the middle of the lake where the boat captain stopped the boat and announced that this was the spot where they had walked on the water. After spending a few minutes at that spot, the tourist said to the boat captain, “Ok, I’ve seen enough, I’m ready to go back to shore.” The boat captain pointing to the sign, said, “The boat ride to the exact place where Jesus and Peter walked on the water was free, but the ride back to shore is not free, it will cost you $50 for the ride back to shore.” The tourist, shocked by the charge, exclaimed, “No wonder Peter got out and walked!”

Typically, if you are going to rely on someone to teach you or lead you, you want someone who has had some success at it. When Jesus walked on water He demonstrated that He could do things that no one else could. And when Jesus faced temptation, He remained sinless like no one else could. Jesus was tempted “in every respect.” That doesn’t mean He faced every temptation we face but it does mean He felt the full force of what any possible temptation could bring.

Yesterday we looked at the fact that Jesus sympathizes with us when we are tempted. In other words He knows what it feels like. At the same time, we cling to Him because He was successful in resisting temptation and defeating sin on the cross. The life Jesus lived on earth demonstrated His unshakability. Jesus gets how hard sin is but sin did not get Jesus. What are some other things the Bible teaches us that Jesus proved by the way He lived? Thank God for the things we learned about Him when Jesus was walking on earth.

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