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Digging Deeper – December 13, 2018

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“in glory”

1 Timothy 3:16 ESV



A “lame duck” President met with his successor in the Oval Office. Near the end of the orientation, he presented the incoming leader three numbered envelopes, with specific instructions to open them, in order, when great difficulties arose. After the new President completed his “honeymoon” period with the media and the public, the nation experienced an economic downturn. He opened the first envelope. Inside was a card that read: “Blame me.” So he did, criticizing the former administration. After a while, social upheaval brought about a critical domestic crisis. The President opened the second envelope. Inside was a card that read: “Blame my party.” He did so, in an overt display of partisan politics. About a year later, foreign policy resulted in serious problems and the President opened the third envelope. Inside, the card read: “Prepare three envelopes.”

We start out in 1 Timothy 3 seeing Jesus as just a man, the One who was “manifest in the flesh.” And we end up in verse 16 seeing Jesus as our King, the One who is “received up into glory.” Glory is a place of dignity, honor, praise and worship. Glory is a place for a King. This verse is another reminder that Jesus has conquered all powers of darkness and is the only reigning God.

What world leaders, past or present, do you associate with the power of darkness? What happens when darkness is allowed to reign? What world leaders, past or present, do you associate with attempting to spread God’s light? What happens when light reigns? Do you think the people closest to you feel you are spreading light? Ask God to use you to reflect God’s glory today.

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