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Digging Deeper – December 28, 2018

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“You have multiplied the nation;
You have increased its joy; they rejoice before You”

Isaiah 9:3 ESV



There was once a young boy who went to spend the week with his grandfather on the farm. While walking around he noticed the chickens, they were scratching and playing around. The little lad said, “They ain’t got it.” Next he saw a colt in the field playing and kicking up its heel’s to which he replied, “He ain’t got it.” After examining all of the animals on his grandfather’s farm and seeing that none of them had “it,” this boy finally found the old donkey in the barn. When he saw the donkey’s long, frowning face and the way that the donkey just stood there he screamed for his grandfather to come quick. “I found it! I found it!” said the young boy. When his grandfather asked what he had found he said, “I found an animal that has the same kind of religion that you have.”

A genuine relationship with Jesus produces genuine joy.  In Isaiah 9 the prophet Isaiah was predicting a time when the nation of Israel would experience multiplied joy as a result of true freedom ushered in by the Messiah(Jesus). The passage also says, “They rejoice before You.” This could also mean they rejoice in the presence of God. This was partially fulfilled in the earthy coming of Jesus but will find its ultimate fulfillment in heaven.

Experiencing God’s grace and mercy through Jesus increases our joy. Because we still live in a world that has sin and struggles, our joy will never be complete here. Much like this passage has an ultimate fulfillment in heaven so too our ultimate joy will be in heaven in the presence of God. Does your face reflects the joy Jesus provides through mercy and grace? Ask God to help you spread the joy of His presence today.

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