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Digging Deeper – June 4, 2019

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“And the Lord sent Nathan to David.”

2 Samuel 12:1 ESV



Alan Carr offers us an automotive illustration that’s helpful when it comes to skillful confrontation. It’s the “check engine light” in your car. When it comes on, you can ignore it, you can break the light, or you can get the problem fixed. If you ignore it or break the light, eventually, the problem will get worse and you will harm the engine. If you fix it, everything goes back to normal. The same is true with needed confrontation. When we see warning signs in a friend’s life do not ignore it, but take the problem to them and Jesus and get it fixed.


In 2 Samuel 12, God sends the prophet Nathan to confront King David about his sins of adultery, lying and murder. “Sent” is a Hebrew verb used over 800 times in the OT, but in this context, it means to dispatch a man on a mission with a specific purpose. Nathan didn’t decide it was time, but God decided it was time. Nathan simply listened to God and was obedient to God’s mission for him. For the believer, the most important part of confrontation is listening to God and confronting when and how He wants to you act.


On Sunday we were given several challenges in regard to the timing of conflict: 1) Are your motives right? 2) Are you reacting only out of emotion? 3) Are you allowing enough time to talk through the issue? We never want to get ahead of God with unnecessary confrontation and we never want to get behind God in avoiding necessary confrontation. Do you have any friends who God has turned on the “check engine light” with? Is God asking you to be involved in healthy confrontation for the sake of protecting them? Ask God if now is the time.

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