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Digging Deeper – July 25, 2019

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An honest answer is a sign of true friendship.

Proverbs 24:26 (TEV)



Pastor Rick Warren explains the power of honesty in our relationships. He says dishonesty is a lack of love. You don’t lie to people you love. You level with them. You say, “This hurts me to say it and it hurts you to hear it, but we’ve got to deal with this.”  You always tell the truth.

Intimacy is a result of truth. Truth always results in conflict. Do you have to go through conflict in a relationship in order to have intimacy? Exactly!  If you’ve never had any conflict you’ve never gotten to some deep issues. You’ve been superficial.

Scott Peck in his book The Different Drum talks about the tunnel of chaos you have to go through from superficiality to intimacy. It’s a tunnel of conflict where you lay out all the cards on the table and say, “This is wrong!  And this is what I need and this is what you need!”  We argue and we work through it. And then out of that comes intimacy. There is no intimacy without truth. And there is no truth without conflict.

Many of you are living in superficial relationships because every time you start to deal with an issue there is conflict and you back off and say, “Forget it!  I don’t want to make waves. I want to be at peace. We won’t deal with the issue and we’ll pretend it’s not there.”  What are you pretending not to know in your relationship? Ask the Lord to give you courage to be real in your relationships and to not live on the surface.

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