Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper – September 17, 2019

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“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.”

Ephesians 2:10 (NLT2)




The hit singing competition called The Voice awards the winner $100,000 and a music contract. One of the things that makes this competition unique are the “blind” auditions. During the blind auditions the judges are seated in their large red charges facing the audience and away from the performers. If a judge likes a singer based purely on their vocal talent, they can hit a button to turn their chair around and try to recruit them to their team. This initial audition is based purely on vocal talent and not appearance. Just for the record, my looks don’t make me a great singer. Singing in the car by myself makes me a great singer.


One of the biblical principles we are learning this week is who God has made us internally determines our worth and value. And it’s not just what other people see or think. Our identity, worth and value come from our Creator. Ephesians 2:10 reminds us that we are God’s “masterpiece.” God is the gifted artist and we are the crown of His artwork and creation. This intentional design by God makes all the difference in what we do and why we do it. If we are simply an accidental result of a random cosmic blast and macroevolution, then we are just highly advanced dirt but have no worth or value apart from the sum of our parts. And if there is no divine designer then there is no right, wrong, value or purpose. We can simply treat people anyway we want and do whatever we want because we are just stuff if there is no divine designer. But God is the Divine Designer.


You are more than complex dirt. God had a plan for you when He carefully designed you. Genesis 1:27 says, “So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” How should being made in God’s image affect how you feel about yourself? How should being made by God for good works He planned ahead of time affect your decision making? Take some time and thank God for uniquely designing you and ask Him about His plan for your life.


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