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Digging Deeper – May 1, 2018

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Now Jesus did many other signs in the presence of the disciples.”

John 20:30 ESV



The scene was San Diego Superior Court. Two men were on trial for armed robbery. An eyewitness took the stand, and the prosecutor moved carefully: “So, you say you were at the scene when the robbery took place?” “Yes.” “And you saw a vehicle leave at a high rate of speed?” “Yes.” “And did you observe the occupants?” “Yes, two men.” “And,” the prosecutor boomed, “are those two men present in court today?” At this point the two defendants sealed their fate. They raised their hands. (Tom Blair in San Diego Union, quoted in Reader’s Digest)

Typically, in court we need eyewitnesses to confirm or refute the stories of people on trial. The dictionary says an eyewitness is a person who has personally seen something happen. They are able to give a first-hand description of it. They typically confirm the details of an event. In order to helps us believe, Jesus performed His miracles in front of the disciples, so they could record them for us and help us believe.

God has always used the testimony of others to encourage faith. Can you think of anyone in your life whose Christian testimony encouraged your faith? Ask God to lead you to someone who needs to hear what God has done in your life.


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