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Digging Deeper – October 19, 2017

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“But now I am coming to You, and these things I speak in the world, that they may have My joy fulfilled in themselves.”

John 17:13 ESV


In John 17:13 Jesus said, “These things I speak in the world, that they may have my joy.” Jesus is saying that if we put God’s Word to work in our lives, we’ll have real joy. When He said, “My joy,” Jesus was referring to the joy that came from knowing the Father’s care and the Father’s love. He wanted us to have it too and so He prays to the Father to allow us to experience it. The key is learning what God has said to us and responding in faith.

There was a tweet that read, “Hell has never been able to produce one pleasure! It can only misuse the ones that God created—in “times,” “ways,” and “degrees” that God forbids.” This means that all the debased enjoyments of the world are echoes of the joys of heaven. Another friend posted on Facebook this week, “Sobriety delivers everything alcohol promised.” He was celebrating 5 years of sobriety.

Jeremiah was known as “the weeping prophet”. During one of his more depressed times, he wrote: Your words were found, and I ate them, And Your word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart; For I am called by Your name, O Lord God of hosts.”(Jeremiah, 15:15)

Do you have joy?  Is your joy continually running over?  Are you praying and are you eating the word?  Pray: “God in this moment will you help me not lose my joy which is Your joy. Today God restore the joy like you did for the prophet Jeremiah.”

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