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Digging Deeper – October 16, 2017

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“When Jesus had spoken these words, He lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, “Father, the hour has come; glorify your Son that the Son may glorify you,”

John 17:1 ESV


For the volunteers that are assigned to the Amazon Jungle, there is a section in the United States Peace Corp Handbook on what to do if you are attacked by an anaconda snake. 1. If you are attacked by an anaconda, do not run. The snake is faster than you are. 2. Lie flat on the ground. Put your arms tight against your sides, your legs tight together. 3. Tuck in your chin. 4. The snake will come and begin to nudge and begin to climb over your body. 5. Do not panic. 6. After the snake has examined you, it will begin to swallow you from the feet in, always from the feet in. Permit the snake to swallow your feet and ankles. Do not panic. 7. The snake will now begin to suck your legs into its body. You must lie perfectly still. This will take a long time. 8. When the snake reaches your knees, slowly and with as little movement as possible, reach down and take out your knife and very gently slide it between the edge of the snake’s mouth and your leg. Then suddenly rip upwards severing the snake’s head. 9. Be sure to have your knife with you. 10. Be sure your knife is sharp.

My guess is we would forget most of that and just take our chances running. Most of us will never be face to face with an anaconda but we will have extraordinary moments in life that will take us to the limit and there will be certain things we need to remember if we are going to win the day.

In John 17 Jesus used the expression, “the hour has come.” This “hour” of His crucifixion would be painful but it would be the most important hour in all of human history. Because of how Jesus responded in His “hour,” we can be encouraged in our “hour(s)” of struggle. In those moments of life or death, house foreclosure, job on the line, marriage on the line, and this list goes on, we can remember that God’s timing is perfect and pain has a purpose.

This hour in your life is on God’s divine time table and is not an accident. Pray, “God, in this moment help me to glorify you right now and not waiting until later. Timing is everything. Help me not get into trouble by rushing things. Help me not get into trouble by stalling too long. I want to move in your timing God.”

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