Watch the Experience

We’d love for you to tell us how many people are watching with you!

Watch the Experience

We’d love for you to tell us how many people are watching with you!

A Year Like No Other...

But, it’s not going to stop us from celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – and this year, we’ll be celebrating in a new and engaging way – also like never before!

This year’s Christmas Eve experience will be available exclusively online, and will not feel like your normal “church service.” Instead, it will have more of a feel of an immersive movie. We’ll have some familiar faces, a great message, beautiful worship, classic Christmas songs, and some new and different elements along the way.

Beginning on

Experience Available On-Demand

Our Vision

Gospel hope to 6,000 Souls

Darkness. Isolation. Division. Grief mark our day. Our ultimate hope is rooted in the life of Jesus. He will meet YOU “WHEREVER YOU ARE”.

Our Arrows

Prayer + Personal Invite + Participation

John 20:21: in the same way that The Father sent Jesus Christ to Earth to bring hope. Jesus has commissioned US to bring the hope of Jesus to dark and tasteless world, “WHEREVER YOU ARE”.

Our Playbook

Everyone Plays a Part


Download our “playbook” to get the information for our 12 Days of Christmas Prayer.

Personal Invite

Email, Text, Call, Social Media Prompts

Plan to Host

Make a plan to host a watch party with your neighbors, teams, or co-workers.


Set aside time with your family and friends to invite and participate in our experience.

What to Expect

We know you’ve got questions, so here are some answers to frequently asked ones.

Will NorthStar Church be offering Christmas Eve services this year?

Yes and no. NorthStar will not have in-person Christmas Eve services like in years past; however, we will be producing an immersive online experience unlike anything we have offered before.

Why is NorthStar only offering an online experience, and not a socially-distanced in-person opportunity?

Much discussion and thought has gone into this decision. A typical Christmas Eve at NorthStar Church brings more than 4500 people to our campus. With social distancing and other COVID-19 protocols in place, we are only able to accommodate 160 people in our Compass auditorium. That would require us to hold 30 different services during the week. As much as we would prefer to meet in person, we want to be responsible with the safety of our staff, volunteers, and attendees, as well as honor their time. The GREAT news is that we have an incredible opportunity to reach more people through our online experience!

How can I share information about NorthStar’s Christmas Eve experience and invite others?

Beginning December 6, we’ll have some graphics available to download from this web page that you’ll be able to share via social media, text, and email. We’d love nothing more than for you to spread the word and personally invite others to be a part of our Christmas Eve experience!

How and when will I be able to watch NorthStar’s Christmas Eve experience?

Our online Christmas Eve experience will be available on-demand beginning Sunday, December 20 at Once it has been uploaded to our site, you’ll be able to watch it with your friends and family at a time convenient for you!

I’d like to host a Watch Party for my family/ friends/ neighbors to watch the Christmas Eve experience together. How can I do that?

We truly hope ALL NorthStar families, and many throughout our community, will host a Watch Party for this special event! You’ll be able to access the event at beginning December 20. Our Reach Pastor, Cole Ragsdale, would love to know you are hosting a Watch Party, so he can be in touch with some tips and resources for you! Email Cole at [email protected] for more details!

Will we still get to sing “Silent Night” and light our candles like we do for NorthStar’s traditional Christmas Eve services?

While we have some new and exciting things up our sleeve for our online Christmas Eve experience, we definitely will be including “Silent Night” and candle lighting! NorthStar Church will not be able to provide your candles, so please get them ready in advance if you’d like to participate in this long-standing tradition from wherever you’ll be watching!

Share the Gift of Joy

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by inviting your friends and family to our Christmas services!