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Digging Deeper – April 21, 2022

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“They are all acting against the decrees of Caesar, saying that there is another king, Jesus.”

Acts 17:7b (ESV)





Did you know that the colonialists wanted to make George Washington a king? But he refused. Because George and many of the colonists believed that there was only one king, and it was not King George III. On April 22, 1774, before the Revolutionary War, a report was sent to King George III of England, and in it the governor of Boston exclaimed, “If you ask an American who is his master, he will tell you, he has none, nor any governor but Jesus Christ.” In April 1775, when a British major called the colonialists “villains” and told them “lay down your arms, in the name of George, the sovereign king of England,” the immediate response was, “We recognize no Sovereign but God and no King but Jesus.” This became the battle cry and motto of the revolutionary war. No king but king Jesus. (Michael Deutsch, The Beginning of the End).


Jesus didn’t come to start a physical war with Caesar, even though many of the Jews were expecting a physical war. Jesus came to establish His kingdom in the hearts of men and women. The problem in Acts 17 was that many of the Jewish leaders refused to allow Jesus to sit on the throne of their hearts.



Mike reminded us in the sermon that we all have a king seated on the throne of our hearts… it’s called King Self, King Me, King Money, King Success, King Approval, King whatever feels good, etc. Mike then asked, “Who do you answer to? Who gets the final say? Whoever or whatever it is… that’s your king.  We all need Jesus to conquer the king of our hearts and take the throne.”



Take time now to acknowledge Jesus as your only true King. Ask God to show you anything or anyone in your life who is serving as the king of your heart instead of Him.

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