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Digging Deeper – April 22, 2022

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And some of them were persuaded and joined Paul and Silas,

as did a great many of the devout Greeks and not a few of the leading women.

Acts 17:4 (ESV)





An Englishman, by the name of Ebenezer Wooten, had just concluded a preaching service in the village square. The crowd had dispersed, and he was busily engaged in loading the equipment. A young man approached him and asked, “Mr. Wooten, what must I do to be saved?” Sensing that the fellow was trusting his own righteousness, Wooten answered in a rather unconcerned way, “It’s too late!” The inquirer was startled. “Oh don’t say that, sir!” But the evangelist insisted, “It’s too late!” Then, looking the young man in the eye, he continued, “You want to know what you must DO to be saved. I tell you it’s too late now or any other time. The work of salvation is done, completed, finished! It was finished on the cross.” Then he explained that our part is simply to acknowledge our sin and receive by faith the gift of forgiveness. (Our Daily Bread)


In Acts 17, some of the hearers were “persuaded” to be saved. They were persuaded that Jesus died for their sins and had been resurrected from the dead. They were persuaded that there was nothing left for them to do other than to repent and believe in Jesus. They didn’t have to perform some religious act or go through a special ceremony. Jesus did all the work on the first Easter weekend to make it possible for them to be saved.



Have you been “persuaded?” Have you come to the point in your life where you are ready to repent and believe that Jesus is the Christ and He is the only way for you to experience forgiveness for your sins and salvation? If you have never repented of your sins and placed your faith in Jesus for salvation, do it today.



Praise Jesus for finishing the work of salvation at Easter. Ask God to use you to help persuade others to follow Him.

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