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Digging Deeper – April 8, 2021

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“Roll the stone aside,” Jesus told them. But Martha, the dead man’s sister, protested, “Lord, he has been dead for four days. The smell will be terrible.”

John 11:39 (NLT2)





“Bruce Larson in his book, Living Beyond Our Fears, tells a great story about a judge in Yugoslavia who had an unfortunate accident. He was electrocuted when he reached up to turn on the light while standing in the bathtub. His wife found his body sprawled on the bathroom floor. He was pronounced dead and, as was the custom in that particular town, he was placed in a room under a crypt in the town cemetery for 24 hours before burial. In the middle of the night, the judge came to, realized where he was, and rushed over to alert the guard, who promptly ran off terrified.


“Fortunately, he returned with a friend, and they released the newly revived judge, whose first thought was to phone his wife and reassure her. He got no farther than, ‘Darling, it’s me–’ when she screamed and fainted. Next he went to the houses of several friends, who were sure he was a ghost. In a last desperate measure, he called a friend in a distant city, who had not heard of his death, and who interceded for him with his family and friends.” (Bruce Larson, Living Beyond Our Fears)


Martha knew, in John 11, that there would be a terrible stench in the tomb of Lazarus after him being dead for four days. The stench did not deter Jesus from His mission. Mike reminded us in the message that Jesus isn’t afraid of the stench from the messes we make in life. Jesus will step right into our messes and clean us up.



What comes to mind when you think about the stench of your past messes? In what ways is the picture of Lazarus coming out of the stench of his death a picture of how Jesus intervened in your mess?



Thank God that the story of Easter includes the smelly nature of our sin. Thank Him for giving you the gift of forgiveness and purity.

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