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Digging Deeper – August 17, 2020

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“He restores my soul”

Psalm 23:3 (ESV)




A group of motion-picture engineers classified the following as the ten most dramatic sounds in the movies: a baby’s first cry; the blast of a siren; the thunder of breakers on rocks; the roar of a forest fire; a foghorn; the slow drip of water; the galloping of horses; the sound of a distant train whistle; the howl of a dog; the wedding march. And one of these sounds causes more emotional response and upheaval than any other, and has the power to bring forth almost every human emotion: sadness, envy, regret, sorrow, tears, as well as supreme joy. It is the wedding march. (James S. Flora)


Most of us can remember hearing someone say something that crushed our soul and damaged our emotions. When David was writing Psalm 23, he could recall having his soul crushed and then having God restore His soul. The phrase “He restores my soul” means that God gives life to the spirit when it’s exhausted, wearied, troubled, anxious or worn down. God encourages our spirit; excites it to new effort; fills it with new joy.



God uses two primary means to restore us: His Word, and His people. Psalm 19:7 states, “The law of the Lord is perfect, restoring the soul.” How have you seen God use His Word or people to restore your soul?



Thank God for caring about your soul and your emotions. Ask God to restore any emotion you feel is damaged in your life.

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