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Digging Deeper – August 17, 2021

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Peter’s words pierced their hearts…

Acts 2:37 (NLT2)





There is a tale told of that great English actor Macready. An eminent preacher once said to him: “I wish you would explain to me something.” “Well, what is it? I don’t know that I can explain anything to a preacher.” “What is the reason for the difference between you and me? You are appearing before crowds night after night with fiction, and the crowds come wherever you go. I am preaching the essential and unchangeable truth, and I am not getting any crowd at all.” Macready’s answer was this: “This is quite simple. I can tell you the difference between us. I present my fiction as though it were truth; you present your truth as though it were fiction.” (G. Campbell Morgan)


In Acts 2, Peter presented the truth as truth and the people were “pierced in their hearts.” There is a play on words in Acts 2:37. They pierced the Messiah’s side with a spear and now their hearts are pierced by God’s Word. Do not miss the critical point that their conviction was wrought by the Spirit when the Word of God was proclaimed. The Word of God is still the method that God uses to bring conviction of sin.



C H Spurgeon said, “It is idle to attempt to heal those who are not wounded, to attempt to clothe those who have never been stripped, and to make those rich who have never realized their poverty.” Has the Spirit of God convicted you of your sinfulness and your need for God’s grace to receive the gift of salvation?



Thank God for the gift of conviction. Thank God for the power of His Word to change your life.

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