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Digging Deeper – August 18, 2021

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“Brothers, what should we do?” Peter replied, “Each of you must repent of your sins, turn to God…”

Acts 2:37-38 (NLT2)





Wabush, a town in a remote portion of Labrador, Canada, was completely isolated for some time. But recently a road was cut through the wilderness to reach it. Wabush now has one road leading into it, and thus, only on one road leading out. If someone would travel the unpaved road for six to eight hours to get into Wabush, there is only way he or she could leave and that’s by turning around.


Each of us, by birth, arrives in a town called Sin. As in Wabush, there is only one way out; a road built by God himself. But in order to take that road, one must first turn around. That complete about face is what the Bible calls repentance, and without it, there’s no way out of town. (Brian Weatherdon)


The command  to repent in Acts 2 is in the aorist imperative which calls for immediate obedience. This command conveys a sense of urgency. Peter is saying in essence “Do not delay! Do not put this off! Do not procrastinate! Just do it! And do it now!” It wasn’t enough to hear Peter’s sermon. Now the hearers must act. Repentance causes a person to think and act in harmony with Jesus’ teachings. The result is that he breaks with unbelief and in faith accepts God’s Word. According to Louis Berkhof, true repentance encompasses three elements: intellect, emotion, and volition.



It’s not just enough to hear Mike’s sermons on Sunday. We must act. Is there anything God has been asking you to change lately? Why are you delaying?



Thank God for the ways He has changed you. Thank Him for loving you enough to warn you when you are headed toward destructive decisions.

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