Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper – August 19, 2020

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“LORD, have mercy, because I am in misery. My eyes are weak from so much crying, and my whole being is tired from grief.”

Psalm 31:9 (NCV)




Here’s a story from a telemarketer: “The other day I called a house and a real nice lady answered the phone, she was really helpful and friendly, she was the type of lady that helps a telemarketer get through a long day. After some pleasantries I asked if Mr. Smith was in, “I’m sorry,” she answered, “I’m afraid he doesn’t live here anymore.” Now that was a real disappointment being that she was a nice lady and all, but I took it all in a stride, “I’m sorry to hear that ma’am. Do you happen to have his new number?” “Sure thing!” The woman cheerfully replied, listing off his new number. I hung up the phone and quickly called the new number and was surprised to hear a recording. “Thank you for calling Green Acres Cemetery…”


Losing a loved one is one of the areas that can give us intense grief and unending tears. There are lots of other losses and hurts that can also cause us to grieve. The psalmist’s soul in Psalm 31 was worn out and tired from grieving. This led him to cry out to God for mercy and relief from his grieving. He knew that God cared and was able to provide relief.



We learned Sunday that our souls need restoring because sometimes our souls get exhausted. We live in a sinful and fallen world filled with disappointments. Have you ever cried so much that you ran out of tears? Did you allow God to walk with you through that grief?



Thank God for dying for the things that cause our grief. Thank Him for being a Shepherd who cares for the heartaches of His sheep.

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