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Digging Deeper – August 30, 2021

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Peter and John looked at him intently, and Peter said, “Look at us!”

Acts 3:4 (NLT2)





David Redder writes: As a young Father I remember being frequently awakened in the middle of the night by my son. I would open my eyes to see him standing next to my bed, staring at me. It was startling and honestly, a little bit creepy. I would ask him what he needed and it was always something like, “I had a bad dream, I can’t sleep, I’m thirsty, I don’t feel good…” Whatever the problem was, the remedy was always the same – I would either walk him back to bed myself and tuck him in again or simply tell him to return to sleep.


I distinctly remember complaining to some co-workers about these midnight interruptions when some sobering truth hit me. In between my complaints, I realized that the time would soon come when he wouldn’t come and stand at my bedside any longer. The time would soon come when he wouldn’t bring his bad dreams, his hungry belly, or his stuffy nose. He’d grow and figure these things out. He’d have new problems and questions and fears. As a young father, I didn’t realize how important it was to be present and available for my son in the little things. I was complaining about the interruptions when I should’ve been embracing them.


In Acts 4, Peter and John embrace a divine interruption with a heart of compassion. David Thompson makes a good point – Now keep in mind that Peter and John have just been involved in preaching God’s Word and literally seeing God save thousands of people. They had been involved in big-time ministry with big-time results. They could have easily walked by this one guy without batting an eye. After all, what is one broken-down beggar compared to thousands who had just been saved? But this teaches us something about the early Church. One was just as important as thousands. These apostles took the time to minister to one hurting sinner. We must never forget this. Reaching one is just as significant as reaching thousands.



It is very easy to be so busy that we miss God’s divine interruptions. Peter and John were on their way to prayer which is a great thing but God had another plan. How aware are you of divine interruptions?



Thank God for establishing divine appointments for you. Ask God to help your heart remain sensitive to His interruptions in your schedule today.

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