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Digging Deeper – August 5, 2020

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“The Lord is my shepherd.”

Psalm 23:1 (NLT2)


“I am the good shepherd; I know My own sheep, and they know Me,”

John 10:14 (NLT2)




On Sunday we were reminded in the sermon that God is not just “a” shepherd or “The” Shepherd but that He is “my” Shepherd. However, not everyone can say that “He is my shepherd,” because not everyone has made Jesus Lord of their life.


In George Foreman’s book, God in My Corner, the former heavyweight boxing champion writes: “In 1974, before I went to Africa to fight Muhammad Ali, a friend gave me a Bible to take along on my trip. He said, ‘George, keep this with you for good luck.’ I believed the Bible was just a shepherd’s handbook, probably because the only verse I knew was ‘the Lord is my shepherd.’ But I was always looking for luck, so I carried that Bible with me. I had lucky pennies and good luck charms, so now I added the ‘lucky’ Bible to my collection of superstitious items. After I lost the fight, I threw the Bible away. I never even opened it. I thought, the Bible didn’t help me win, so why do I need it? I thought I’d get power simply from owning it; I didn’t realize that I needed to read it and believe what it says. Since then, I’ve come to understand that the Bible is my road map, not my good luck charm.”


Owning a Bible doesn’t make you one of God’s sheep. Growing up in church doesn’t make you one of God’s sheep. The only thing that makes God your Shepherd is when you repent and accept Jesus as Lord of your life. It’s a personal relationship with Jesus that opens up the benefits of Him being the Shepherd over your life.


The Bible clearly explains we have a life before Christ and a new life after we receive Christ. Can you describe the time in your life when you realized who Jesus was and placed a saving faith in Him? Were you baptized after you realized who Jesus was and placed your faith in Him? If not, reach out to the church office and let us talk with you about the next steps in your walk with Christ.

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