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Digging Deeper – December 31, 2020

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“so that all the peoples of the earth may know that the hand of the Lord is mighty, that you may fear the Lord your God forever.”

Joshua 4:24 (ESV)




Calvin Miller claims Tokyo has an ordinance that prohibits any building or skyscraper that blocks anyone else’s view of the sun.  They believe that sometime during the day everyone has a right to see the sun.  God has called us to take His Son, Jesus, to all the world.  Everyone should see the Son.


In Joshua 4:24, we learn that God wanted “all the peoples of the earth to know that the hand of the Lord is mighty.” “Hand” is a figure of speech for God’s power, God’s work and the strength of God’s will. And God wants everyone to “fear the Lord.” “Fear” is not simple fear, but reverence, whereby an individual recognizes the power and position of the individual revered and renders him proper respect.



Do people have a better idea of what God’s Son looks like because you are in their life? Would you say you have a godly and healthy fear or reverence for who Jesus is? Ask God to use you to give people a better view of Him.

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