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Digging Deeper – December 9, 2019

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“I bring you good news”

Luke 2:10 (ESV)




Back in April of 1865, a telegraph office was thrown into consternation by hearing the paperboys outside the office crying out the news that President Lincoln had been shot. After a few angry words, the telegraphers realized that the only way news could have gotten to the newspaper was through the telegraph office. They searched and searched their files and found the dispatch. It had been received and delivered without even being thought about.


It is clear that the telegraph office missed the significance of the news they were delivering. In Luke 2 an angel tells the shepherds that he is bringing good news. It was an angel of the Lord, surrounded by the glory of the Lord who had no doubt been sent by the Lord. The angel sent to deliver the good news and didn’t miss the significance of what he was delivering.


People have made a lot of money over the years delivering the news. Paperboys, newspaper publishers and television networks have been relied on since any of us can remember to make us aware of important events around the world. Any now God is relying on us to deliver the good news of Christmas. In Mark 16:15 Jesus gave instructions to his followers, “Then he told them: Go and preach the good news to everyone in the world.”(CEV) Not only are we told to share the good news we must also not miss the significance of the good news. And Jesus wants us to spread that news to everyone in the world!


This week in Digging Deeper we will review some of the things we learned Sunday about the good news of Jesus. But today I want you to ask yourself if you are committed to bringing the good news to the people God asks you to? Ask God to show you who He wants you to share the good news with and what good news He wants you to share?

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