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Digging Deeper – January 25, 2021

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Now as they went on their way, Jesus entered a village. 

And a woman named Martha welcomed Him into her house.

Luke 10:38 (ESV)




There is a story about a six-year-old boy who was separated from his mother in a supermarket. He frantically called, “Martha! Martha! Martha!” That was his mother’s name, and she came running to him quickly. “But, honey,” she admonished, “you shouldn’t call me ‘Martha,’ I’m ‘Mother’ to you.” “Yes, I know,” he answered, “but this store is full of mothers.”


Stores are full of mothers, and the world is full of Marthas. In Luke chapter 10, Jesus encounters a woman named Martha who has the gift of hospitality but also the burden of anxiety. In Mike’s message, we learned that she “welcomed” Jesus into her home, and this became a big ordeal. Martha wanted to impress Jesus and provide a large feast. We learn that Martha had some legitimate concerns that got out of hand and caused her to miss what was most important.



Concerns may become a problem when they cause us to lose perspective, and our priorities are out of order. Jesus wanted to be in Martha’s home and not just for a meal. What are the most significant sources of anxiety in your life? Do they ever cause you to lose perspective? Do they seem more important than they are? Ask God to help you keep your concerns in perspective and to keep your priorities in order.



Thank God for desiring an intimate relationship with you and His desire to come into your home.

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