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Digging Deeper – January 31, 2020

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“Whoever would be first among you must be slave of all.”

Mark 10:44 (ESV)




A man went out to this restaurant not long ago and met the waitress of his dreams. About halfway through dinner he noticed his baked potato had big brown spots going all the way through. So he called the waitress over and said, “Ma’am, this potato is bad.” She nodded, picked up the potato, and smacked it. Then she put it back on his plate and said, “Sir, if that potato causes any more trouble, you just let me know.”


The word used in Mark 10:44 for “slave” could also be translated servant or waitress. One definition says a slave, is to be devoted to another to the disregard of one’s own interests; it seems to carry more the idea of permanence in servitude than other words for servant.


Jesus said we should be a servant to all. Have you ever been in a restaurant that didn’t have enough servers. Well in life Jesus wants us to serve whoever He sends into our lives and serving area. This isn’t just when we are in church but we are called by Christ to be full time servants for Him.


The man in the story above had found his favorite waitress. Who in your life would say you are their favorite server in life? Make it a goal today to bless someone with an act of service.

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