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Digging Deeper – July 14, 2022

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Then he said to his servant, “Go and look out toward the sea.”

The servant went and looked, then returned to Elijah and said, “I didn’t see anything.”

1 Kings 18:43 (NLT)




When Hudson Taylor went to China, he made the voyage on a sailing vessel. As it neared the channel between the southern Malay Peninsula and the island of Sumatra, the missionary heard an urgent knock on his stateroom door. He opened it, and there stood the captain of the ship. “Mr. Taylor,” he said, “we have no wind. We are drifting toward an island where the people are cannibals.” “What can I do?” asked Taylor. “I understand that you believe in God. I want you to pray for wind.” “All right, Captain, I will, but you must set the sail.” “Why that’s ridiculous! There’s not even the slightest breeze. Besides, the sailors will think I’m crazy.” But finally, because of Taylor’s insistence, he agreed. Forty- five minutes later he returned and found the missionary still on his knees. “You can stop praying now,” said the captain. “We’ve got more wind than we know what to do with!”

(Stephen Sheane, “Visionary or Stationary”)


Elijah told his servant to go look out toward the sea for his answered prayer of rain. Elijah knew rain was coming. How? The ear of faith hears what the eye of flesh cannot see! In this verse, we can see that Elijah was a man who believed the promises of God. He believed them so much that he was willing to claim them and live in them.




It’s one thing to say you believe something. It’s an entirely different thing to actually live like you believe something. Would you say that you pray expecting God to answer?




Thank God for being faithful to hear and answer your prayers. Ask God to show you any area where you aren’t living with the faith that He will come through.

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