Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper – July 15, 2020

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But evil people and impostors will flourish. They will deceive others and will themselves be deceived.”

2 Timothy 3:13 (NLT2)



A young man fell in love with an opera singer who had a beautiful voice. After a whirlwind romance and a hurry-up ceremony, they were off on their honeymoon together. She began to prepare for their first night together. As he watched, his chin dropped to his chest. She plucked out her glass eye, pulled off her wig, ripped off her false eyelashes, yanked out her dentures, unstrapped her artificial leg, and smiled at him as she slipped off her glasses that hid her hearing aid. Deceived, stunned and horrified, he gasped, “sing woman, sing, SING!” (Charles Swindoll, Strike the Original Match).


The Apostle Paul warned us there would be deceivers in the last days. Paul was referring to people who would try to get us to deny the faith and walk away from God. We were told to anticipate fake truth as opposed to fake news. Mike also taught us on Sunday that people will try to discourage us in the faith. If people can’t get us to believe lies about God they may try to get us so discouraged that we feel like it’s not worth the hassle.


Often when someone goes away to college for the first time, they encounter the discouragers and the deceivers. They may come in the form of bitter skeptics who belittle your faith or make you feel intellectually inferior. Or they may be family members or coworkers who criticize your attempt to grow in Christ. Regardless of who it is or where it comes from, God wants you to allow the Spirit to enable you to remain faithful and hold on to your faith. Tomorrow we will look at God’s solution for both discouragers and deceivers. But for now, know that you should be aware that they are coming. Take some time and ask God to help you recognize and stand up to any discouragers or deceivers that are in your life.

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