Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper – July 19, 2021

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For I recognize my rebellion; it haunts me day and night.

Psalm 51:3 (NLT2)





  1. L. Moody once visited a prison called “The Tombs” to preach to the inmates. After he had finished speaking, Moody talked with a number of men in their cells. He asked each prisoner this question, “What brought you here?” Again and again he received replies like this: “I don’t deserve to be here.” “I was framed.” “I was falsely accused.” “I was given an unfair trial.” Not one inmate would admit he was guilty. Finally, Moody found a man with his face buried in his hands, weeping. “And what’s wrong, my friend?” he inquired. The prisoner responded, “My sins are more than I can bear.” Relieved to find at least one man who would recognize his guilt and his need for forgiveness, the evangelist exclaimed, “Thank God for that!” Moody then had the joy of pointing him to a saving knowledge of Christ—a knowledge that released him from his shackles of sin.


This Psalm came about as a result of David’s sin with Bathsheba.  He committed adultery, then in a effort to cover that up, he committed murder. After being confronted, David now confesses and repents. Eugene Peterson writes, “David didn’t feel like a sinner when he sent for Bathsheba; he felt like a lover and what can be better than that? David didn’t feel like a sinner when he sent for Uriah. He felt like a king—and what can be better than that? And all the time his heart died a bit more. Part of our mess is that we can’t see our mess. So, before we can confess our sins, we need God to open our blind eyes so that we see our actions as sin.”



In recovery programs they talk about “rigorous honesty.” Rigorous honesty means telling the truth when it’s easier to lie and sharing thoughts and feelings even when there may be consequences. Are you rigorously honest with yourself? Are you rigorously honest with God. There can’t be genuine spiritual, emotional or mental recovery without it.



Ask God to open your eyes to any sin in your life. Thank God for the gift of awareness as you admit any sin He has made you aware of.

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