Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper – July 22, 2021

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Then I will teach Your ways to rebels, and they will return to You.

Psalm 51:13 (NLT2)





Pastor Alan Stewart wrote, When I was in the fifth grade, there was a pretty blonde-haired girl named Lori who moved to our school and was in my class. I was love-struck in every sense of the word and wondered what I might be able to do to capture her attention before some other boy. Being one of the fastest boys in fifth grade, I decided I would woo her heart with my feet on the playground. I can still recall the adrenaline running high as I was closing in on the finish line way ahead of my rivals. However, before I could cross the finish line, I looked over to make sure she was watching, and I strayed into some pea gravel which sent me tumbling onto the pavement. Bruised, battered, and bleeding, I lay there humiliated thinking I had lost the opportunity of a lifetime. How wrong I was! I looked up, and who was the first person there wiping the dirt from my wounds? It was Lori! As she carefully tended to my wounds, I saw tears welling up in her eyes and I knew this must be something special. What speed had been unable to accomplish, sympathy had perfectly achieved. By the end of the day, I had won the heart of my first girlfriend, but her tender care of my hurts had won my respect.


God can turn our messes and our failures into something beautiful. King David asks the Lord to open his lips that have been closed because of his conviction of his sin and realization of his unworthiness before the Lord, so that he might declare the Lord’s praise. David wanted God to use his story to help others find mercy in the middle of their own messes.



Thousands of years later we are still being impacted by the beauty of God’s mercy in David’s life because his story was recorded in Scripture. Is there anyone in your life who would benefit from hearing how God has shown you mercy in your mess? Pray for an opportunity to share with them.



Praise God for the paths that lead back to Him. Thank Him for turning your mess into a message that can encourage someone else.

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