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Digging Deeper – July 25, 2022

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1 When the Lord was about to take Elijah up to heaven in a whirlwind,

 Elijah and Elisha were traveling from Gilgal.

2 Kings 2:1 (NLT)



The story is told of a mom who would take her son to nursery school, kiss him goodbye and would always say to him “Darling, I’m leaving you in good hands, OK?” She would do this everyday when she took her son to school. When the son was of age and mom was quite old and experiencing dementia, the son took his dear mom to a nursing home. As he said goodbye, he remembered the words of his mom when he was quite young; he then kissed her and said, “Mom I’m leaving you in good hands.” His mom, who could hardly remember things now because of dementia, held on to her son’s hands and tears started streaming down her eyes; she remembered her very own words years ago.(Egerton Gbonda)


In 2 Kings 2, Elijah is about to leave Elisha behind and go to heaven. Elijah’s time left on earth is short and this created a sense of uncertainty in the heart of Elisha. They left Gilgal together, where Elijah was the leader of the school of prophets. No doubt he had been preparing Elisha and was going to leave him in God’s hands.




In the sermon, Mike reminded us that life is filled with uncertainty. He also reminded us that God has a plan to prepare us for the future and the uncertainties ahead. What came to mind personally when Mike was talking about uncertainties?




Praise God for holding the future in His hands. Ask God to prepare you for the things you will face in the future and to ease any fear of uncertainty you may have.

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