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Digging Deeper – July 27, 2022

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5 Then the group of prophets from Jericho came to Elisha and asked him, “Did you know that the Lord is going to take your master away from you today?” “Of course I know,” Elisha answered. “But be quiet about it.” 6 Then Elijah said to Elisha, “Stay here, for the Lord has told me to go to the Jordan River.” But again Elisha replied, “As surely as the Lord lives and you yourself live, I will never leave you.” So they went on together.

2 Kings 2:5-6 (NLT)




There’s a story about an old grandfather clock that had stood for three generations in the same corner of a room, faithfully ticking off the minutes and hours, day after day. In the clock was a heavy weight that the owner pulled to the top each night to keep it running. Then one day the clock was sold, and the new owner noticed the heavy weight. “Too bad,” he said, “that such an old clock should have to bear so great a load.” So he took the weight off the chain. At once the clock stopped ticking. “Why did you do that?” asked the clock. “I wanted to lighten your burden,” said the man. “Please put it back,” said the clock. “That’s what keeps me going!”


Most people are looking for an easy way through life. They think that if they had no burdens they could live pleasantly and triumphantly. They don’t realize that God often keeps us going spiritually by the weights that seem to pull us down. Trials can serve to give our feet spiritual traction. Our burdens not only bring us blessings in this life, but they also are “working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory” (2 Cor. 4:17).  ~ Henry G. Bosch


Three times now, Elijah has given Elisha the chance to go take a break. It was a test. At every turn the sons of the prophets ask Elisha the same question, ““Did you know that the Lord is going to take your master away from you today?” This question is literally this: “Why are you still following that old man?” They wanted him to take a shortcut but he wouldn’t.




There are times when God wants us to take a break. But sometimes the “break” isn’t the right thing. In our lives, there may be times when you face the choice of taking the easy way out and just getting something over with, or taking the long way. Shorter isn’t always better. Warren Wiersbe wrote: Had Elisha taken the easy route and stayed behind, he would have missed all the blessings of vv. 9–15. It pays to be faithful to your calling.




Ask God to show you any areas of your life where you are taking spiritual shortcuts. Ask God to grow your commitment to Him and not to compromise your faith.

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