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Digging Deeper – July 29, 2021

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Give my son Solomon the wholehearted desire to obey all your commands, laws, and decrees, and to do everything necessary to build this Temple, for which I have made these preparations.

1 Chronicles 29:19 (NLT2)





When Dr. Richard Halverson was the U.S. Senate chaplain, he spoke before a group of evangelicals who had expressed their anger about Congress’ inactivity on the subject of school prayer. They were irritated that congress had not acted with a strong initiative to restore prayer in schools. To those who were seeking greater initiative from the government, Dr. Halverson asked, “How many of you have prayed with your children this month, outside of church?” Nobody raised their hand. Spiritual initiative starts in the home, not on Capitol Hill. (Source: The Law of Perfect Freedom, Michael Scott Horton)

In 1 Chronicles 29, David prayed for his home. He prayed that his son, Solomon, would live a godly life. That was David’s number one goal for his son. David did more than train Solomon or teach Solomon. David prayed for Solomon.



If you are a parent, what is your number one goal for your children? If it’s a spiritual goal, are you investing in spiritual things like prayer to help accomplish that goal? What does the way you spend your time and money say about your priorities for your kids?



Pray for your kids’ protection and for their spiritual growth. If you don’t have kids, pray for the next generation to not forget God but instead to honor Him.

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