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Digging Deeper – June 16, 2021

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One of the servants said to Saul, “One of Jesse’s sons from Bethlehem is a talented harp player. Not only that—he is a brave warrior, a man of war, and has good judgment. He is also a fine-looking young man, and the LORD is with him.”  So Saul sent messengers to Jesse to say, “Send me your son David, the shepherd.” So David went to Saul and began serving him.

1 Samuel 16:18-19 (NLT2)





Ed Watt was visiting a local department store with his wife. They had just purchased a piece of luggage and a cooler. As Ed was waiting for his wife to finish the rest of her shopping, he dragged the luggage and cooler around with him to the shoe department. A clerk asked if he could be of assistance. “No, thank you,” Ed replied. “I’m just waiting for my wife.” At that point, a man behind him said, “I’m waiting for my wife, too, but I never thought of bringing a lunch and an overnight bag with me.”


In 1 Samuel, David had to wait twenty two years from the time that Samuel anointed him to be King until he was actually crowned as King of Israel. That’s a long time to wait. However, David didn’t focus on the length of time he had to wait. Instead, David focused on how he waited. While David was waiting he was serving. David was able to wait well because he trusted God’s timing. Eventually, Saul would even try to kill David. But David continued to trust God and to serve.



Some of you are waiting for things to change much longer than you ever expected. You can relate to needing to pack a lunch and an overnight bag. You may not be able to change your circumstances right now but you can choose the attitude you have. One of the keys to waiting well is trusting God. What is God telling you to wait on? How is your attitude about being told to wait?



Praise God for being in complete control and for His perfect timing. Ask Him to give you the grace and strength to have the right attitude while waiting on Him.

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