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Digging Deeper – June 9, 2021

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[To Saul] But now your kingdom must end, for the LORD has sought out a man after His own heart.”

1 Samuel 13:14 (NLT2)





There was a true story about a professor from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas who was preaching in Nevada. The normally reserved professor put his whole heart into the sermon and called for people in the congregation to repent and get their hearts right with God. At the end of his message, he declared: “You need to repent and turn from your sin! So, buster, if you are here and your heart is not right…come down to this altar now!” The invitation was given and the professor joined the pastor of the church at the altar. Before the invitation ended, a young boy came down to the altar and looked directly at the professor and said, “MY NAME IS BUSTER…and I want to get my heart right!”


God sent the prophet Samuel to Jessie’s house to anoint one of his son’s as the next king. The things others valued in a king were not the same things God valued in a king. Samuel was looking for appearance and Jessie was looking for age. But God was looking for “a man after His own heart.” Saul was already the king but Saul’s heart had drifted. Saul had all the qualities most of us would want in a king but he had lost the one God valued the most and that was a heart for God.



When have you felt overlooked because you didn’t fit the stereotypical profile someone was looking for? Part of the good news of the gospel is that “God so loved the world.” That includes you. And the thing God most wants in you is a heart for Him.



God is worthy to be loved with all of your heart. Thank Him for loving you unconditionally. Ask God to grow your heart for Him.

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