Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper – March 3, 2020

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Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your Kingdom.”

Luke 23:42 (NLT2)




Time was running out. The penitent thief only had a few hours left. The blood was draining from his body. Each breath was getting more and more difficult. In a word, he was desperate. He turns to Jesus and makes a simple but audacious request: “Remember me when you come into your Kingdom.” His words are filled with insight into what it means to experience salvation. First, let’s think about the things that he didn’t bring before Jesus. He didn’t bring his list of year-end tax-deductible charitable contributions. Nor did he talk about how much better he was in comparison to other criminals. And he didn’t hand Jesus a list of all the hip churches he had attended. Instead, he brought one thing before Jesus. This thing caused Jesus to take notice and offer him a place in heaven. He brought the only thing he could bring – his faith. He believed that Jesus was a King over a kingdom not of this world. He believed that the grace of Jesus could cover his sins. He had faith that Jesus could do for him what he couldn’t do for himself. Simple words of faith uttered from a place of deep desperation. As a result, one man’s eternity changed forever.

Why do you think our faith is what pleases God more than anything else? If you don’t pray for big things often, what is holding you back? What are some simple but audacious requests you need to ask Jesus for today?

As you enter His presence in prayer, thank Him that His throne is full of mercy and grace. Praise Him for the cross that opens the way for sinners to enter His eternal kingdom through faith.

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