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Digging Deeper – March 9, 2020

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When Jesus saw his mother standing there beside the disciple he loved.

John 19:26 (NLT2)




Simon Peter made a valiant but misguided effort to defend Jesus by wielding his sword in the garden. After Jesus was arrested, he went to Annas’ courtyard while Jesus was interrogated inside. But, when confronted by a servant girl, he adamantly denied knowing Jesus three times. By daybreak, it wasn’t just Peter who had left Jesus. All the disciples had gone into hiding except for one – John.

At the cross, we find John standing near Jesus giving whatever emotional support he could offer. In John’s gospel, he calls himself “the one that Jesus loved.” Jesus loved all the disciples, including Judas, but John was especially close. Of the twelve, one betrayed Jesus and ten ran away for fear of arrest. John was the last man standing. He was a true friend who lived out the adage, “A true friend walks in when everyone else is walking out.”

In a crisis, a true friend is the first one to arrive and the last one to leave. True friends are there for each other. They want the best for each other. This Easter, you can be a true friend to someone who doesn’t have a church home or know Jesus personally. Think and pray about who you could invite to attend NorthStar’s Easter services in April.

What are the qualities of a true friend that are important to you? How have you exhibited one of the qualities recently? What is one way you can demonstrate one of these qualities to someone this week?

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