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Digging Deeper – May 4, 2021

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Therefore, as the Holy Spirit says, “Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts.”

Hebrews 3:7-8 (ESV)





D.L. Moody called it the biggest blunder of his life. It happened on October 8, 1871, during a preaching series in Farwell Hall, Chicago. His text was “What then shall I do with Jesus which is called Christ.” At the conclusion of the sermon Moody said he would give the people one week to make up their minds about Jesus. He then turned to Ira Sankey for a solo, and Sankey sang, “Today the Saviour Calls.” But by the third verse Sankey’s voice was drowned out by the noise outside the hall. The great Chicago fire had begun, and the flames were even then sweeping toward the Hall. The clanging of the fire bells and the noise of the engines made it impossible to continue the meeting. In the years that followed, Moody wished that he had called for an immediate decision for Christ. (Wiersbe, Warren)


Hebrews 3 warns us about the danger of “delaying” to obey God when He has clearly spoken. Today is a key word in this first section of Hebrews. Today emphasizes urgency. Not yesterday, not tomorrow but today. The author of Hebrews reminds his readers of the sad time in Israel’s history when they did not listen to God’s voice. He explains that the results of their failure to listen was the anger of God and of their failure to enter God’s rest. Their disobedience which was directly related to unbelief, an unbelief which produced hard hearts which fell away..



Mike taught that we Break the Barrier of Delay by catching up on obedience. Benjamin Franklin said, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Is there anything you know God is telling you to do that you are delaying?



Thank God for desiring a relationship with you that involves intimate communication. Thank Him for the times He has clearly given you direction.

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