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Digging Deeper – November 1, 2019

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“There will be no more death … All these things are gone forever.”

Revelation 21:4b (NLT2)




Robert Beringer shared this profound lesson: I can still recall a geography lesson from elementary school in which we learned that the southernmost point of Africa is a point, which for centuries has experienced tremendous storms. For many years no one even knew what lay beyond that cape, for no ship attempting to round that point had ever returned to tell the tale. Among the ancients it was known as the “Cape of Storms,” and for good reason. But then a Portuguese explorer in the sixteenth century, Vasco De Gama, successfully sailed around that very point and found beyond the wild raging storms, a great calm sea, and beyond that, the shores of India. The name of that cape was changed from the Cape of Storms to the Cape of Good Hope.


Until Jesus Christ rose from the dead, death had been the cape of storms on which all hopes of life beyond had been wrecked. No one knew what lay beyond that point until, on Easter morning, those ancient visions of Isaiah became the victory of Jesus over our last great enemy. Jesus defeated Satan. Suddenly, like those ancient explorers, we can see beyond human death to the hope of heaven and eternal life with the Father. More than that, we dare to believe that we shall experience in our own human lives exactly what the Son of God experienced in His, for the risen Christ says to us, “Because I live, you shall live also.” This is the heart of our faith.


All of our lives at some point are touched by the storm of death. We have seen people we love pass through the doors of death. However, for the Christian, death is the door to the hope of heaven. And once we get to heaven with God there will never be no more death. Who are the people in your life who have already died and gone to heaven that you miss the most? Thank God that they are in a better place and thank Him that one day you will get to see them again if you are a Christian. Who are the people in your life who you aren’t sure if they know Christ and will go to heaven when they die? Pray God will give you an opportunity to share Christ with them and they will make the decision to believe in Jesus.

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