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Digging Deeper – November 15, 2019

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“Jesus has already gone in there for us. He has become our eternal High Priest.”

Hebrews 6:20 (NLT2)




Several years ago, I (Larry) was able to attend one of my first major league hockey games. I’m pretty sure hockey was invented by a dentist who wanted a sport that guaranteed people would need dental work. And somewhere in between all the fighting on the ice an ice hockey game actually broke out! One of the unique parts of this experience was the man who owned the majority of stock in the company I worked for also owned the hockey team. So, me and several of my coworkers were able to experience the game from the owner’s private suite. This included all the food and beverages we could consume along with a private server for our suite. Needless to say, this was an incredible experience, privilege and a great way to watch the game.


My access to that private suite had very little to do with who I was. It had everything to do with who I was connected to. The very same is true about heaven. Our access will have very little to do with who we are on our own. It will have everything to do with whether or not we are connected to Jesus. Hebrews 6:20 reminds us that Jesus has already entered into the Father’s eternal presence on our behalf.


If I had tried to get into the owner’s suite on my own, I would have been stopped by security and denied access. But instead I had the confidence I was getting in because I was with the owner. If we try to get into heaven on our own, we will be denied access. We will only be allowed in if we have a faith-based relationship with Jesus. As much as you are confident in your relationship with Christ you can be confident in your access to heaven.


Take a few minutes today and read John 14:1-7. What are some of the truths that Jesus teaches about heaven?

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