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Digging Deeper – November 25, 2020

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“Because he has his heart set on Me, I will deliver him;

I will protect him because he knows My name.

When he calls out to Me, I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble.

Psalm 91:14-15 (CSB)




Before we had refrigerators, we had ice houses with thick walls, no windows, and tight doors. In the winter large blocks of ice from lakes and streams were put in these ice houses and covered with sawdust and could stay frozen into the summer months. One day a man lost an expensive watch in the sawdust. He and his coworkers raked the sawdust and searched diligently with no luck. Eventually, a small boy slipped in and came out with the watch.  The watch owner asked him how he found it. The boy replied, “I closed the door, laid down in the sawdust, and kept very still.  Soon I heard the watch ticking.”


It captures the attention of God when you and I slow down, get still and listen. In Psalm 91:14-15 God is speaking. Three things caught God’s attention in these verses: 1) the psalmist set his heart on God; 2) the psalmist knew God by name; and 3) the psalmist called out to God. And in response God said, “I will deliver,” “I will protect,” and “I will answer.”



God wants to be on a first name basis with each of us. And God delights in responding to us calling Him by name. Can you list some of the names of God found in the Bible? Which of those names means the most to you?



Use some of your favorite names for God as you talk to Him in prayer today. Thank God that you get to be on a first name basis with Him and He also knows your name.

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