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Digging Deeper – November 30, 2020

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“The True Light, which gives light to everyone, was coming into the world.”

John 1:9 (ESV)




There is a little village in Austria named Rattenberg. It is the smallest town in Austria, and getting smaller each year. The town has lost a larger percentage of its population in the past few decades. The reason? Darkness. Rattenberg is nestled behind Rat Mountain—a 3,000-foot obstruction that blocks out the sun from November to February. No sunlight at all for 4 months of the year! According to George Jahn of the associated press in 2005 there was “a plan to bring sunshine into the darkness by installing 30 heliostat mirrors onto the mountainside. The mirrors would grab light from reflectors on the sunny-side of the mountain and shine it back into the town.” The cost of this project was $2.4 million dollars! The project was never completed.


Sellars shared yesterday that Jesus is called the True Light in John 1. Jesus came to shine His light on the whole world. Physically, light is that by which we see objects distinctly. The light of the sun enables us to discern the form, the distance, the magnitude, and the relation of objects, and prevents the perplexities and dangers which result from a state of darkness. Light is in all languages, therefore, used for knowledge.


Spiritually light is what enables us to discern our duty, and that saves us from the evils of ignorance and error. Morally light refers to holiness and darkness to sin. Jesus came to deliver us from the darkness of sin and ignorance and to take us to the light of the truth about who we are and how to find eternal life.



What types of artificial light do you think people use as a substitute for Jesus who is the True Light? Do you remember when the light came on for you spiritually and you realized the need for Jesus as your Savior? Light a candle and thank God for shining His Light on your heart. Ask Him for light in any area where you need direction.

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