Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper – October 31, 2019

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“Now all glory to God, who is able to keep you from falling away and will bring you with great joy into His glorious presence without a single fault.”

Jude 1:24 (NLT2)




Andrew Plasier, shared this true story about an uncle of his in South Dakota and what happened a few summers ago. His uncle raised chickens, about 1200 of them, year round. In July the fans to the chicken house malfunctioned and stopped fanning the 1200+ chickens. The July heat killed the chickens and now the chicken house became a chicken mortuary.


The uncle had to find something to do with the chicken corpses. He took his back loader and dug an enormous hole on his property and dumped all 1200 chickens in a mass grave and covered it with dirt. R.I.P. poultry – or so they thought. As the days went on in the hot July South Dakota sun, the packed down dirt covering the decomposing poultry started to grow and balloon upwards like an emerging volcano. Within a week, chicken parts erupted all over the farmyard. “It was disgusting.” said Andrew.


There are times when our battle with sin feels similar to the story above. We do our best to try and bury sin but it keeps coming back and it’s disgusting. The word “sin” originally meant to miss the mark. It’s like shooting a bow and arrow at a target and missing the bullseye. When it comes to righteousness we all miss the bullseye on our own. Jude 1:24 reminds us that one day in heaven God is going to bring us into heaven with no sin. It’s only by God’s grace any of us will escape the power of sin. Jude also reminds us that all the glory goes to God for delivering us from the power of sin. Thank God today for offering us forgiveness of sin and someday a place in heaven without the messiness of sin.

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